It’s my birthday

and I’ll cry if I want too ~ really I don’t know why this birthday has gotten to me so much.  It’s not a “big” one – I’m not 40, not even 35, but I’ve been an emotional mess for about the last week.   I told J “I don’t wanna get old” – he respone – “it happens to everybody” – WHATEVER!   I don’t want it to happen to me.  So I’ve come to the conclusion, that this is going to be my year – what does that mean?  I have no idea, but it’s my year damn it.  I’m going to get healthy, save money, find a career I love, have great friends, make great memories, find myself.   I’m starting today – it’s time to put on the big girl panties, and make some changes.    Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.


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