Happy Mother’s Day

Ok, so I’m not a real Mom, but I am a Mom to Milo…  I asked yesterday if that meant I would get a present ~ apparently not.  My present will be the laundry that needs done, to finish painting to the window seal on the front window, and to make this cake from Pioneer Woman Cooks!  It’s alright though.  It’s a choice and the best one for us.  Everybody says – who will take care of you when you’re old?   I don’t know, my nieces and nephews hopefully.  Until then I’ll be happy being able to go places, have nice things, not have to drive an ugly minivan (who decided that you must drive one of those anyway, it’s like some unwritten rule) and live my life without guilt for not buying Johnny a new bicycle.  Does that make me selfish, maybe a little but it also makes me happy.  So to the rest of  you Happy Mother’s Day, hope you have a nice day “off”.   Know that there are some of us out here who get to have Mother’s Day everyday. 


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