Almost a year…

I can’t believe it’s June, and it’s been almost a year that J and I have been married.  I can’t believe that last year at this time, I was freaking out making fans & guest bags & personalized cups & tears of joy packets and well, was just totally overwhelmed and psycho….  I know I was.  I tried hard not to be, but with going to Cabo to be married, you had to be sure that it was just right before you left the States.   My how I miss Cabo, the sand and the pool bar, and the jacuzzi suite.  Spoiled I tell you.   I’m still fresh out of ideas on a 1st wedding anniversary gift for J (Hi J, I know you read this and I don’t care…)  Hopefully soon it’ll come to me.  If we go traditional, it’s paper.  Tickets maybe?  A print maybe?  A photobook maybe?   I have no idea. 

Cabo San Lucas


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