Hot – H-O-T – HOT

That’s all there is to say…  I mean really – 103 and it’s only June.  I can’t even begin to imagine what the summer will be like.  Yes, I would still rather have the heat than return to the ice and snow of Western PA any day but come on now.  really.  Can’t we enjoy a little bit of the 80’s or something.     Plus, it’s not good for my tomatoes..  Poor little things.  They finally get transplanted into their final pots and Mother Nature decides to toss into a drought.   I started them from  seed in a little greenhouse and they are growing, yes we probably won’t have tomatoes until November, but at least we’ll have them.

Here they are in their most fragile state ~ as soon as I can get outside, I’ll show another….


Please rain, and please cool off.  Doesn’t have to be in that order.  Thank you.


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