Happy 4th….

Happy 4th of July to all…  Happy Birthday USA!  As we celebrate this July 4th let’s take a moment to reflect on our country, and to thank those who protect us so that we can be all that we are.  Thank you to the fine men and women who give so much of themselves so that I/we can go about our every day lives.

This basket, I love the simplicity of it yet it speaks volumes to me. I love it as a summer staple in my kitchen, I love it for reminding me how much I love my country, and I love it because well I just love baskets. 
As of now, we still aren’t decided as to what we will do for the holiday.  I am all for a relaxing day at home.  I’m sure the neighbors will have a fireworks show in the cul-de-sac later tonight. So we’ll see what the day brings. Celebrate safe…


8 responses to “Happy 4th….

  1. Welcome aboard! That’s a great pic – love the angle, but it makes an even better banner. That is great! Happy 4th to you too!

  2. Very nice capture! I like the angle. Hope you have a great relaxing day! Welcome to POTD! 🙂

  3. Welcome to potd! That photos is great and thanks for remembering the people that help to keep us free and safe…my brother in law is in Iraq right now…Happy Fourth to you!

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