A welcome visitor…

Saturday evening I was out watering the garden, and as I made the last corner, I saw this little guy sitting under the tire of J’s dad’s SUV.  Little guy, looked so lost and confused.  I ran to get Dfil, and he brought him back around the back of the house.  Of course, he never did poke his head out so we could greet him.  But I was still amazed by the designs on his shell.   Actually, I had never in my 34 years touched a turtle, so J & Dfil had some great laughs at my expense at that one. 

Milo didn’t like him one bit – as soon as we laid him down in the back yard he started barking and freaking out.  I placed him back out in the garden, and he’s gone now.


One response to “A welcome visitor…

  1. Aww, fun! When we were little, if we found one, we’d paint the date on his shell with nail polish, so if they ever came back we’d know they were the same. Never did get the same one twice, but it was still fun!

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