Symbols, Names, or Intials?

Sometime in the future, hopefully pretty near future, we will be moving – moving back to the country to live where the antelope roam.  Ok, no antelope but there are horses near by and a jackass (really the neighbors have mules/donkeys whatever you want to call them) or two.  Back to where you actually have trees outside your windows and you breathe fresh air.  When we make this move, I would love to have stationery and an embosser and all that stuff…. I think we are planning on living in this new home for a quite a while, and I want to really make it ours. I’ve been trying to decide if I would like to try to name the house, or just come up with a little symbol to use or just be classic and use our initial. I’m torn. I want it to be clever. I want it to be timeless. I want it to represent the best of who we are. Have you ever had thoughts of branding yourself? Or naming your home?


2 responses to “Symbols, Names, or Intials?

  1. LOVE that idea. sort of like your own Tara, huh? Hmmm, I think it would depend on the house/neighborhood. have fun!

  2. Well, I currently call my house “this crappy place” lol. But I do like the idea of branding your house. Not necessary a name, I think I like the initials better. Maybe some kind of play on yours and hubby’s initials?

    Great idea – but do you have any suggestions? For S, J, and K??? Not so fun.

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