I’m part Beagle…

and that makes me a hunting dog.   Or so he thinks.  Milo has learned to really not enjoy the camera in his face all the time, but I did manage to get this photo a little while back.  I love the expression he’s got.  He’s watching so intently into the wooded area in our backyard.  I’m sure that J’s in the background saying “Where’s the squirrel” or “Where’s the bunny” to get him to stand so still.  I love when he flops his ears like this too – I call it the “Beagle Ear”….  Which is much more pleasing to look at than this.

This is the look I get when I’m going to bark like a mad man at a turtle.


2 responses to “I’m part Beagle…

  1. He is so cute! Look at that face, I could kiss him all over. And yep, he’s a hunting dog 🙂 our beagle was the same way, and that is totally beagle ear!

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