Almost Autumn

I can’t believe that August is 1/2 over and that before we know it, we’ll be full swing into sweater weather and September.  I’m not one to complain about fall, it’s my favorite time of year.  I look forward to the cooler air, the changing of the leaves, the comfort foods, and the promise of football season.  I planted these last fall, they were actually in the $1.00 clearance section at Lowe’s.  They have easily grown ten-fold, and are actually taking over my garden now.  I love the colors, so tried and true.  So easily taking me from Summer into Fall. 

 Just one more reminder that with every season comes a change, and with every change good things can happen.  Will you make the most out of the changes this fall?  Will you go to the patch to get your pumpkin?  Will you hang your scarecrow or witches broom to celebrate?  Will you bake an apple pie to share with friends and family?  I hope to make a new tradition this fall, I am not sure what that might be.  Won’t you share yours with me?


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