I’m alive

Hello my dear three readers…  I’m alive, this week has gotten away from me.  I  went on Monday for my spinal injection (and I say it didn’t really work) and then between my work and J’s business it’s been crazy…  For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve got a bulging disc at L3 that is crushing the nerves to my left leg and foot.  Also have the start of degenerative disc disease in L3, 4, and 5.  Anyway, the Dr. gave me an injection an the nerve spot to help lubricate the disc and deaden the nerves in hopes that I would stop the pain I have.  I would say about 50% gone at this point.  It’s rather aggrevating to feel great for 2-3 hours and then bam, be laying on the couch in tears. 

In more happy and upbeat news,  Hopefully, I can get some more fall decorating done this week and we’re tossing around having a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday of next week.  So, hang in there I’ll be back soon with photos of baked goods and pumpkins… And maybe a Christmas card or two also.


2 responses to “I’m alive

  1. I wish your injection had helped more. My father in law had similar problems. He had two rounds of those injections to help him over time. Feel better soon! (HUGS)

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