Care packages from home…

A few weeks ago I emailed mom and asked her to get some favorite recipes from my Grandma.  I told her it would be great if Grandma would write them out for me, that way I’d get to keep her handwriting in my recipe book for years to come…  At the end of the email, I mentioned that I was looking for a vintage apron or something along those lines.  My mother the shopper, I knew she’d find me something.  And while I think the ones out there are lovely, and I’m sure well made.  I’m not dropping $40.00 for something I’m sure somebody has in a closet.  Well, enter the care package from home.  I received this in the mail today..

She finally realized it’s only a day from PA to NC. This came normal mail, usually everything comes priority overnight. Gotta love her.
Inside was the most wonderful gift ever… Not only did I get two of my favorite recipes.

Are those not the cutest little recipe cards… But what’s inside is even better.

Apple Dumplings and Coffee Spice Cookies – YUMMY! Yes, this is the same Grandma of Peanut Butter Fudge fame. I can’t wait to make these goodies.
And then, to my surprise not one, not two, but five. Yes, FIVE. Vintage handmade by my family aprons. Grandma said that they were probably made by her mom and by my grandmother’s Aunt. Now, I would call those vintage…

Hello these precious… I love your red rickrack and your fun little pattern.

She said there’s one that matches this, but she’s not ready to give it up yet. I said – It’s mine. You better mark it down that I call it.

These purple flowers, they remind me of blueberry pie. You know from Strawberry Shortcake & friends… Wasn’t there one named Blueberry Pie?

I have no words… I love the pink trim, I love the gentle scalloped bottom. I’m just in love.

And the last one… A classic of it’s own with the red check (gingham?) and the heart & tulip border. I love each one more than the last. I love that they have been in my family for years. I love that my Grandma loves me enough to share them with me. I’ll take great care of them Grandma. I’ll make sure that their story is told.

I called her to say thanks (and will send a card too)… And she said I can’t believe you’re so happy over an apron. I said, but you don’t understand. And I’m sure she doesn’t and never will. Sometimes it’s wonderful to be 500 miles away from all the chaos of family. Other times, you really want something to remind you of home. These aprons and recipes I will cherish them forever for they will always take me home.


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