Freezer Cooking – Update…

I managed to get 11 of the 14 recipes completed between Friday night and Saturday evening.  That, and well I ran out of room in my freezer.  When all you have a is a side by side, it’s kinda hard to make things fit.  I know that this may not look like there is much in here, but trust me ~ it’s very full.

Some of you have asked – WHAT is freezer cooking? Some people call it once a month cooking. Either way, you make a bunch of meals put them in your freezer and then on “cooking” day it makes your life so much easier to just pop them in the oven or on the grill. If you Google Freezer Cooking, there are a ton of recipes out there, or you can go to Mom’s Budget – there is a ton of info and recipes too.    We haven’t started to use any of them yet, but as soon as we do I’ll be sure to share my favorites.


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