Many thanks….

Many thanks to Matthew Mead & Linda @ Restyled Home.  You may remember a while back these two teamed up to host the most wonderful giveaway.  I was one of the lucky ones, and have received not only my autographed copy of Matthew’s book “entertaining simple” but also a $25.00 gift card to Home Goods.   They both arrived last week, and I’ve totally devoured the book.  Front to back, back to front ~ looking at just the pictures, mouth watering over the delicious recipes and finally today, I had a chance to go to Home Goods and spend my winnings.  I went thinking that I would pick up some fabulous dishes for my fall table, or maybe something to hang beside the entryway cubby that begs for a nice sign.  Once there, I wondered up and down, around in circles, and back again.  I guess that the book took over my mind while I was there because, this is what I came home with…


I found these lovely plate chargers – 6 silver, 6 gold and this wonderful stand.  Items that will last hopefully for a very long time, I can mix and match with some many things throughout the year.  First up – muffins being served for Thanksgiving from the plate stand…


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