Weekend Update…

This just in…..  It’s the weekend.  I’m so very excited~ it’s a FOUR day weekend for me.  No work until Wednesday.  YEA!  I’ve got a lot planned for the next four days – some of it very exciting and some of it just necessary.  Here’s my plans, in no particular order…. 

  • Grocery Shopping ~ I know I’m odd, but I actually love to grocery shop
  • Laundry ~ my very least favorite chore
  • General Cleaning ~ it’s so much easier when J travels
  • Blog Catch Up ~  I’ve got some really great fall photos to share with you all from around my home
  • Cookies ~ I want fresh baked cookies
  • Scrapping/Crafting ~ I have to get the creativity going again
  • Shopping ~ possible trip to the Linen’s & Things, have to see if they have the deal of the lifetime
  • Relaxation ~ I want a nap each day

Have a great weekend everyone….  I’ll be seeing you soon.


One response to “Weekend Update…

  1. That sounds absolutely wonderful! Nap every day – what EVERY weekend should aspire to. And cleaning beforehand will make that nap all the sweeter 🙂

    Have a great 4-day! I’ll be thinking about you when I’m back to work tomorrow.


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