Holidays, Month End, and a Cold…

Maybe not in that order, but that is my life at the moment.  My Thanksgiving was a wonderfully quiet day – with just J, his dad, and I.  We brined our turkey for the first time this year, honestly ~ I couldn’t tell a difference.  I guess we’ll do it again.  We had all the trimmings ~stuffing (in the bird thanks..), noodles, sweet potatoes, strawberry fluff, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy.  I’d say that we had enough food to feed 10 people.  I went shopping on Friday.  It’s a tradition my mom and I have had for years.  She was in PA though.  I called her at about 5:15.  She was at Sears.  I was at Sears, so we shopped together for a few minutes on the phone.  Almost as much fun as being there in person. I got most of my shopping done in the 3 hours I was out Friday morning.  I still have a few random things to pick up, but I could be done if I really needed to be.  J & I started to put up the Christmas decorations Friday midday.  I have a few things to finish on the porch, and then the outside is done.  I can’t wait to share it with you all. I really didn’t think we would be in this house this Christmas, and am actually kind of excited to spend the holidays here for one more year.  Well, hopefully it’s only one more year.

Saturday, the cold hit.  I slept all day.  I’ve been fighting it, and I guess it finally won.  I’m now a walking cough drop.  Toss in a crazy work schedule with it being month end and it all adds up to not enough hours in the day.  I finally got a chance to do a little decorating inside tonight.  I should be done by Thursday.  We should get our tree this weekend, and then I’ll be ready for the big reveal. 

Happy December!


One response to “Holidays, Month End, and a Cold…

  1. Hey, good to hear from you! V. impressed that you got all that shopping done! come back to LM someday….. we’re throwing the idea of an east coast meetup sometime soon!

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