Garland – Show & Tell….

You might have heard that The Nester is having a garland show and tell today… A few days back she showed us how to make a lovely full garland. And while my garland is not as full as the example, I still love it. It’s a combination of wild and whimsy, silver, and glow….

I’ve used a lighted garland, flat garland, and a holly garland. I then added the berry sticks. We hung our stockings with care, and the candles are glowing softly in the light.

Don’t get bitten by the Bah Humbug ~ he wants your Christmas to be merry & bright.

I’m still working on the remainder of the house, our outside lights are finished and I’m almost done inside. I can’t wait to give a sneak peak and then reveal on December 15th.

Merry Christmas!


14 responses to “Garland – Show & Tell….

  1. WOW, how elegant! Can’t wait to see what you have done to the rest of the house. I’m sure it will be beautiful, as always!!

  2. I’ve never seen a bah humbug before. What a wonderful idea! Your garland is beautiful and so is your photography. I wish that you could have taken my garland pictures! Christmas blessings to you and your family!

  3. Thank you all for the comments, I love comments. The bah humbug was a “gift” from my mom one year… I have no idea where she found him. Sorry.

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