O Christmas Tree

The Southern Family is hosting an Evergreen Extravaganza today, won’t you share your tree with us???

How lovely are your branches….  Our tree, each year we say that we aren’t going to get the big tree, and then we arrive at the tree farm and we come home with a 10+ foot tree.  We both agree that this is our favorite tree so far – it’s just so symmetrical.   I have photos of us bringing in the tree, and getting it all set up but haven’t had a chance to edit them yet.   It’s always quite an event.   Here’s our finished product.

 And because I love it so much, here’s the one with the star filter.

One final shot, I think you get to see really how tall it is in this photo. We have a two story great room, and in the background you see the catwalk that connects the upstairs. Our first floor ceiling are 10′, I believe.


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