Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of 2009, what does that mean?  Resolutions.  But I don’t like that word, let’s call them Goals, Changes, or Challenges…  I don’t usually set them on the first day of the new year, it just leads to a let down and who wants to be disappointed?  Not me.   This year, this year I have decided to take a look at my life and make some changes. 

2009 Goals, Changes or Challenges

  • Keep in Touch – I mean the old fashioned way – Snail Mail!  I love to get snail mail, I so this year I’m going to try and remember to send more “Hi, How are you cards”.  A little something to brighten someones day.
  • Getting Heathy – I know I said it a while back, but it’s time to buckle down and get started moving again.  To start eating better, and taking better care of me.  How – WiiFit is going to be part of it. 
  • Learning – I want to learn something new, it can be as simple as that sewing class I talked of last fall or as complex as taking a class at the community college.
  • Giving – I want to give more this year.  We’ve always given to charity, but this year I want to try to give a little more, maybe it’ll be my time or finding other interesting ways to help.  My main charity – The Humane Society. 
  • Me Time – Ok, that sounds really selfish but I want to find more time for things I love.   Crafting, getting a mani/pedi, going to the coffee shop, reading.  Just 30 minutes a week would be great.  I think it’ll help with the Getting Healthy goal.
  • Photo 365 – I think this is the most challenging of all my goals.  I’m going to try and take a new photo every day of the year.  I’ve started – Rae Remembers, My life…in pictures to document it all.  Please stop by, I’ll need your comments to keep me going.

There you have it my goals for 2009.  Will you make an effort to accomplish something special this year?


3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. You have great goals to shoot for! I especially can get on board with learning, whether it’s classes or projects or something as simple as watching a show on the Discovery Channel.

    Here’s to 2009 being a wonderful year 🙂

  2. i was inspired by reading your list. seems like we all are in this frame of mind. maybe it is just wishful thinking… but the last few days of eating healthy and being more productive seems to suit me. thanks for stopping by our blog and for the kind comment. good luck with the start of your new year.

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