Goals, Changes, or Challenges Check-In…

We are now into the third week of the new year, and I’m keeping up pretty good with my Goals, Changes, or Challenges.  I’ve gotten the me thing down pat ~ I went for a manicure today and I read 2 books over the weekend.  It feels good.  I feel good, and I think that this the best part.  We all need to remember to slow down, take in the day, and just live.  Are my dishes piled up?  Yep!  Is my laundry waiting?  Sorta.  But I don’t care, right now I’m getting back into finding my way, and I’m lovin’ it. 

How are you doing on your Goals, Changes, or Challenges for 2009??? 


ps:  hoping to get back on the photo bandwagon this week…


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