How does your garden grow???

Remember last year when I grew some tomatoes in containers?   I started out planting my seeds in January, and have been nursing them on my window seal, and setting them outside when the weather was nice.  I had plans of growing lots of veggies in containers this year, I didn’t have a garden.  And then Pioneer Woman went and posted her directions on creating a raised bed.  A few hints to J, and the next thing I knew I had a raised bed of my own.   I had fresh compost and wonderful topsoil from the farm around the corner. Garden

Isn’t it awesome???   I’ve got lots of goodies growing, in the garden and still have somethings on my window seal….

So far, I’ve got lettuce, cabbage, peppers (hot and bell), basil, chives (not shown), green onions & carrots.

I’ve also got zucchini, cucumbers, and bush beans going strong. I looked this morning, and I had three zucchini blossoms.

Still to be planted are the eggplants, cantaloupe (individual sized sooo cute), mini watermelons, and a few more tomatoes.    I never realized how much I love gardening.  I can’t wait until I can have a real garden with even more veggies.  It’s going to be a wonderful summer full of fresh, healthy vegetables.


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