Not my Mother’s decor…


Growing up I can remember my Mom, Aunts, family friends, neighbors (well you get the idea) gathering around the family living room to watch a presentation from some woman dressed in a suit.   What was she peddling – Home Interiors.    I can remember the pictures, candles, fake flowers, and knick knacks plain as day.  Most still hang on the walls of my childhood home.   I don’t know why, but for some odd reason the other day I Googled “Home Interiors”, and learned they have merged with another company, and now they are called Celebrating Home.  I was pleasantly surprised – this didn’t look like my Mother’s home ~ it was casual, fun, and while they still have their fake flowers, I actually found a few things I couldn’t live without.   One of them is the sign shown above.  With the touch of pink flowers, and the small blue robin eggs I fell in love instantly and knew that it was perfect accent for my Spring mantle.


One response to “Not my Mother’s decor…

  1. Stephanie,

    My Mom used to sell Home Interiors when I was a kid. She loved getting out at night and talking to adults…. and of course our house was filled with it. Its so weird because looking back at that stuff I think “EW i would NEVER buy that” and yet I do have so many fond memories of some of those pieces that just seem so homey to me now.

    Haven’t looked them up recently but maybe I’ll take a look if I’m in need of something.

    Jen (lazyfroggirl)

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