Garden Greatness…

The fruits of my labor…  It’s almost time to enjoy some of our fresh garden products.  We’ve already eaten the first round of lettuce, and one helping of green beans.  These photos were taken about two weeks ago, we’ve progressed even further since then.

The cucumbers are blooming and have tiny little cukes on them. They’re growing on cucumber ladders now, it won’t be long before they are in fresh salads, and being a mid-day snack.

These yellow cherry tomatoes will taste so good in a basil, mozzarella salad or just picked fresh off the vine.

And finally, strawberries – true summer sweetness. We’ve had 3 so far, the birds unknown. They are now covered up in netting to protect them. These are everbearing strawberries so we should get a few fruits all summer long. Hopefully next years batch will be a little bigger.


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