Sunday Morning Flight

J and I took a flight near the mountains today.   Here are some of the highlights.

Taking off from Concord Regional.

Hey, that’s my house down there. Very cool to see it from the air.

Around Lake Norman – that’s Midtown Sundries.

Farmland in the Foothills

The mountains through the haze

And returning safely home

I love being the wife of a private pilot. The fact that we can just pick up and go simply amazes me. And even though the mountains totally freaked me out, and we turned before we got to our final banana pudding having final destination, I still had a great time. I’ll get more comfortable each time we go.


3 responses to “Sunday Morning Flight

  1. cooper’s dad has his pilot’s license and he used to take his family to dinner at places on the coast to eat on random nights. i always thought that was so cool.
    (that being said, i was on a 10-seater island hopper in puerto rico and almost had a panic attack! haha)

  2. Steph,
    I just found your blog site and it’s wonderful! I didn’t know that you blogged, are into gardening, and that you take such great photos! You’re so creative. I’ve totally been missing out.

    Have a great back-to-work-after-a-holiday week!


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