Home away from home

We spent the weekend in a little cabin by the stream in the mountains of Georgia. We call it camp, most people probably wouldn’t call having high speed Internet and Directv camping. This is about a rough as I want it to get.

There’s a little living room – the leather couch and chair are so very comfy, perfect for an afternoon nap.

Looking into the kitchen area, you can see the stairs to the loft and through the archways is a sunporch. We love this table, and will keep it in mind for our “forever home” if we ever get it built. We both feel it would be perfect for the downstairs.

The view upstream.

The view downstream. The water is VERY cold, but refreshing at the same time. We tried to float downstream this time, but it was just way too cold.

This is the view from up the driveway. The little gazebo holds the hot tub. There is a charcoal grill, a fire-pit, a zip-line and horseshoes.  Yes, I think we’ll probably return to this little cabin in the woods again.  Maybe in the fall.  It’s the perfect place to relax and get-a-way from it all.


3 responses to “Home away from home

  1. Hi!

    This is koukla on LM. I stumbled across your blog link and wanted to see some more of your beautiful pictures. Well, this cabin looks amazing. What a nice place to get-away! I’ve never seen anything like this retreat in the Midwest. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Koukla on LM

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