Looking forward ~ Looking back

It’s that time of year, the time of year where we look back on where we’ve been and look forward to what’s around the corner.   First, let’s look back.

In January, we set goals and challenges.  I wasn’t very good at keeping them, maybe 2010  will be better.

In April, there were pictures of Milo, thoughts of tasty fruits and veggies in the summer, and a few crafty projects.

In June, we travelled to Camp and also took a lovely Sunday morning flight.

In November, I shared a family recipe.

In December, I found my scrappy side again.

And so here we are at the end of the year.   I’m not sure what 2010 will bring, maybe a new home or a new job opportunity.  I know that it will again bring craftiness, and gardening, and good friends ~ all great things large and small.  I hope to be here more in 2010, and I hope that you’ll stay around to continue the journey with me.


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