Winter Blast 2010

Or at least that’s what the news channels in town were calling it.   Friday night into most of Saturday, Charlotte was blanketed with a coat of snow/sleet/freezing rain.

When the snow first started, it was this nice light glistening snowfall.

While staying snuggled inside the nice warm house seemed like a good idea, it didn’t take long to get cabin fever.

So off to Best Buy and Lowes we went. The roads were pretty snowy, but at times it seemed like you were driving right into a picture postcard.

We made it safely back home.

The birds were happy to have some fresh food.

These little guys were loving the bird feeder in the front yard.

Milo had a great time playing out in the snow. We had a great time throwing snowballs for him never to find.

Getting bundled up ~ hats, scarves, gloves, boots ~ it’s not my favorite thing to do in the world. I’d rather be on the beach with a fruity umbrella drink.

Yes dear Winter, while you were pretty for one weekend please let yourself back out the gate and allow Spring to enter.


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