Fluffy White Snow – Again

Charlotte was blanketed with snow again last night.

I’ve lived here ten years now, and I don’t know if I remember two snows so close together. It’s supposed to be Spring now. I’m supposed to be planting my garden.

I should be seeing my Knockout Roses starting to bloom, not being covered with glistening glittery snow.

Instead I’m wondering around my yard looking at all the beauty that we don’t get to see all that often.

Looking at things from a different perspective.

Trying to find beauty in the ordinary.

Taking time to remember, that home is not only where you make it, but what you make it.

And that even when things seem only black and white

there’s going to be a bright spot on the horizon.


2 responses to “Fluffy White Snow – Again

  1. Beautiful pics! We are in the middle of winter here with another month to go.

    Honestly? You usually have spring now? Amazing!

    • Officially, today is supposed to be the day that I start my seeds indoors for the garden. My Tulips are sticking up about 1.5″. So, yea spring should be right around the corner.

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