Run Stephanie Run

I ran in my very first 5K yesterday. In November, I started the Couch to 5K program, and while I didn’t train faithfully for it, I did complete the Cupids Cup 5K.

Jason went with me to be my cheering section. Parking was crazy, and so he dropped me off and then went to park the car. In the process, he missed the beginning of the race (or what it because he stopped at Caribou for coffee?) Either way, this is the photo up the street of the last people (person?) starting out.

These bicyclists weren’t part of the 5K, but right at the State Farm sign was our official starting point. I was glad that I had been training in Highland Creek after all. My runs always start out uphill.

At around the 20 minute mark, the first runners started appearing back at the finish line. I was about 1/2 way around the course at this point. There was a man running with a bunch of 10 to 15-year-old boys who keep telling me – Come on, you can do it. He was pretty funny, and actually quite motivating.

Jason thought it was hilarious that the fully dressed bear made it back to the finish line before I did. Did I say, I hope he burnt his mouth on his coffee?

Finally, he sees me coming toward the finish line.

Get out of my way Grandma. I kept running into this lady the entire day. But I think it’s awesome that she was out there.

Finally, I can see the finish line. I’m a little teary eyed at this point. I was so proud of myself for making it to the end.


My official time according to the timekeeping was 40:40. I finished 873rd out of 1003.  For my very first one, I don’t think it was that bad of a time. Yes, I walked a couple of times, but I never completely stopped. Next time, I’ll be a little more prepared for everything going on around me – the fast runners, slow runners, kids, dogs, mascots. It’s all quite distracting, and proved a little tough to find my stride.

I’m running in my second one on March 20th.  Anyone want to join me? Run the Creek 5K


6 responses to “Run Stephanie Run

  1. SO proud of you Stephanie! Great recap and I love all the pictures. I teared up at the beginning of my first 5k because I was so proud of myself for doing it so I know how you felt 😉

  2. way to go Steph, i always wanted to be able, unfortunately my knees never seemed to cooperate, but i am still a walkin’.

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