House Into a Home

I’m still yearning for my country home (with chickens and a mini donkey and a pond) but for now, we’ll be staying in our suburbia home.  I never got totally comfortable in this house, never really turned it into mine.   I’ve put off decorating and painting and changing out doors and lights because I knew we weren’t staying.  Now that this will be home for a while, I think I’m ready to make some changes, buy some pieces that will move to the country home and make it cozy. 

BTW- any house people out there, what would you classify my home as?  It’s got brick, fake cedar shake, siding.  It’s such a mishmosh.  But I think that’s part of my problem.  I don’t want to make my home all farmhousey, since I know that’s not the style.

Areas to tackle:

Front Porch – we never use it, and I would love to start.  It’s not very wide, but I think I could get a bench or two chairs and table out there.  A rug too – I want to have a rug on the porch.

Foyer/Entry – I need a screen/storm door.  I want my front entry to be warm and inviting.  I love the table, the baskets, but I also want a chair and maybe a coat rack.  

Painted stairs – I hate, hate, hate the carpet on our stairs.   We do have a dog though, so my painted stairs will still need a runner.   I’ve got some ideas tossing around in my head.

Into the backyard, and I want a spot away from the house where we can just relax and enjoy the evening.  Something simple, maybe under an arbor or pergola. 

The craft room, I love to craft – sewing, scrapbooking, cardmaking, crochet (someday) – I need my room to represent me.  Right now, it’s a landing zone for the unknown.   I love the colors of the room in the photo, and also those cabinets – FABULOUS!

The laundry room, we spend so much time there – why don’t we make it bright and cheery?    I’d love to have cabinets instead of a wire shelf, and I love that crazy wallpaper.

There are a million other little things that I want to change out – bedding, frame the bathroom mirrors, do something with the formal living room.   Start the wall of K.   But these are the items that are on my list, things that would make me happiest.   And maybe give my suburbia home a little bit of that country home feel.


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