Making an Entrance

Photo: This Old

The entryway to our house – it’s seldom used, but I want to change that.  Starting with a screen door.

  I want to be able to leave the front door open, let the sunshine in.   Once your inside though, I want you to feel right at home.   Right now, we only have a small table with a peace lily and then another table with a stone waterfall.  I’m basically starting with a blank slate.

I love the artwork and the table above.   The red vases are fabulous.  I’m not sure about the ottomans.  Could I do baskets?

How can you not love the setup above? The old pitchers, the baskets, the bird on the corner. LOVE all of it.

The large frame, the chair, the coat rack. I love all these ideas, they may not all be my style but I think I’d really like a chair in the entryway.

I love the casual homey feel of the entry way, and look there’s another chair.   I’ve not decided what I want to do yet – what are your favorite way’s to decorate your entry?


One response to “Making an Entrance

  1. steph,
    i am a lover of the old style look, love the pottery barn pic with the baskets below and the hydrangeas! I am a collector of crocks, so i had those in my entry way with a neat coatrack. now i can’t wait to start thinking about my new house!

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