Dig in the Dirt

Spring has sprung in the south – and it was time to get into the garden.  I needed to clean out the leaves, small branches, weeds, and till up the dirt.

I use a raised garden bed, but it still could use a little turning of the dirt.

Don’t be afraid to get in there, and put yourself into it. 

We purchased this hand tiller at Lowes’s, it’s made by Friskars, and worked wonderfully.

Next, I measured out where to place the nails to wrap the strings to start my squares.   I used a simple green garden twine.  It’s easy to replace each season, and doesn’t take up much space. 

My finished squares, I’m so excited to increase our yields this year.  While I’m not following Square Foot Gardening to the letter, I am taking some pointers from the concept.

The warm weather expected this week, and rain today I took that as a sign that I could go ahead and direct sow some cool weather plants – lettuce, onions, spinach, radish, peas.   I’m hoping to see some little sprouts later this week, and be eating fresh veggies before we know it.

I’m linking up to Stacey at The Blessed Nest for her Green Thumb Gardening series.  If  you’ve popped over from Stacey’s please take a moment to look around, I’m so glad your hear.


5 responses to “Dig in the Dirt

    • No weeding really. I used a mix of good topsoil and compost from the local compost company. I also put down black paper in the bottom. The only weeds I have are from random grass clipping and weed eating around the bed.

  1. How fun you’re able to get started on your veggie garden! 🙂 I’ll have to look into that Square Foot Gardening, it sounds interesting! Hubby really wants a veggie garden this year, so we’ll be putting in raised beds soon here, too. Thanks so much for linking up & good luck with your seeds!!!

  2. This is great! We are starting a raised bed garden this year. Can you tell me the the size of your bed and how big each square is? Thank you!!

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