Berries – Straw and Blue

I love fresh berries, who doesn’t?  My strawberries and blueberries are in full bloom. 

I can’t wait to have fresh blueberry pie, fresh blueberries in my pancakes, blueberries right off the branch.   I may need to wait one more year before I actually get some fruit.   It’s said that it takes 3 years before you’ll get fruit.  I’m hoping for at least a few blueberries this year.  

I won’t need to wait much longer for fresh strawberries though, they’re growing like crazy.   Strawberries in yogurt, strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake.  I can’t wait.

I love fresh berries, they say summertime to me.  What’s your favorite summer berry?  What’s your favorite way to eat them?


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