We’re growing!

The garden is growing, and we’ll be eating fresh lettuce, spinach and peas in no time.

J’s dad helped me string the twine for the peas, they’re almost at the top now.

I also have most of the summer crops started – tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cantaloupe. I didn’t start from seed this year, but purchased small plants. I’m anxious to see if my yield is any different this year. I will say, that I enjoyed starting from seed much more.

The radishes are almost ready to come out – I tried one the other day, wonderfully peppery. I already planted the dill in with the radish, since they’ll be done before the dill gets too big. The cilantro and parsley are both growing well.

How is your garden growing?


One response to “We’re growing!

  1. Love the garden, Stephanie! I used to have a square foot garden too. I loved it! Wish we had some sun so I could have one again. Being on the woods is nice, but not for a garden. 🙂

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