Walk with me?

Won’t you take a walk with me through our Spring garden?   Ok, it’s more like early Summer here in NC but there are still some Spring flowers out there.

The Columbine adds a special punch of pink peaking out between the green of Hostas.

I love how these Daisies add a just a hint of purple, they peak out around our satellite dish and also the garden hose.  If these things have to be in the middle of your garden, you might as well make them pretty right?

The Hydrangea are starting to get their buds, soon they’ll be lovely shades of pink.   Until then, I love the different shades of green.   Each season, the Hydrangea gives me something new to love.

J surprised me with this Weigela one year.  He planted it in the perfect spot at the corner of our walkway.  I love the pinks and purples of the flowers and leaves.  

I’m not usually one for garden knickknacks, but I’ve had this lantern for years.   It stays outdoors year round and I will put a candle in it on special occasions.  Look, there’s another Hosta.  

I add a little more each year.   I love how it’s finally filling in, how there is moss starting to grow between the cracks in the walkway.  The lanterns you can see in the background are actually battery/solar-powered, they flicker like candles in the evening.  It’s my way of bringing a little bit of Charleston to my North Carolina suburbia home.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little stroll down our side walkway, and remember to stop and smell the flowers each day.


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