I’m a Sponsor: Ball Blue Book Day!

If you’re visiting from CITR, welcome!   Take a minute and look around, I’m so glad that you are here.

I’m sponsoring the Ball Blue Book Project over at Chickens in the Road today.   Are you familiar with Suzanne and her new farm in WV?   She’s an amazing woman, so very inspiring.  She’s part of the reason I got the bug to want to learn how to can.   She makes it seem so simple.  Now, if only I could get enough veggies out of my garden to actually try it.  

I wrote a post last year about canning, I’m sharing part of it with you again here.

Do you can? I have never done it on my own. I’ve watched my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunts all do it. My cousin does it, and I believe so did my brother. This year, I would like to try my hand at canning.  Aren’t those just the cutest little jars?  I looked all over last year for jars that were a little more fun than the classic pints that my Mother used for all those years.  I think these fit the bill.

So, tell me your favorite things to can.  I am going to stick to water-bath canning, I’m not brave enough to use a pressure cooker yet.  I’d love to try pickles, and jellies and then we’ll take it from there.

Want to learn some more about canning?   You can either check out Freshpreserving.com or head over to Suzanne’s and check out her step by step photo instructions.   You can also try to win your own free copy of the Ball Blue Book by leaving Suzanne a comment.  She’s also got an awesome forum where I’m sure you can find answers to almost any question.

Happy Canning!


2 responses to “I’m a Sponsor: Ball Blue Book Day!

  1. I do can and I love it. I think there is nothing more satisfying than to see food all canned up lining my pantry. I share with my grown married children and I love that also (so do they)

  2. I just started canning a couple of year ago, and really, really like it. I did jams and jellies first, which are easy enough if you follow the directions included with the pectin. Next I moved on the applesauce, and then pears, and peach and raspberry pie fillings. They were very yummy, and oh-so-handy for when you needed a dessert that doesn’t take long to prep! Just make crust, dump in filling, and bake! Try this recipe – it’s the one I used, and everyone likes it. http://canningusa.com/IfICanYouCan/PieFillingRaspberry.htm

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