Goals, Changes or Challenges: Check In

It’s July.   JULY.  Can you believe it?   I thought it might be good to check in and see how I’m doing on my 2010 Goals, Changes or Challenges (which look surprisingly a lot like my GCC’s 2009, this year will be better).

  • Keep in Touch – I mean the old-fashioned way – Snail Mail!  I love to get snail mail, I so this year I’m going to try to remember to send more “Hi, How are you cards”.  A little something to brighten someones day. I started out really well with this one – and then lost steam in about April.   I need to get back into the swing, and if you’ve received one of my little notes, I’m hoping they brightened your day.
  •  Getting Heathy – I know I said it a while back, but it’s time to buckle down and get started moving again.  To start eating better, and taking better care of me.  How – I’m running a 5K in Feb. to start. – On again, off again. –  I’m doing a fitness boot camp 2 days a week.  I’m not running but hello it’s 100 out there.  Let’s not talk about the diet. 
  • Learning – I want to learn something new, it can be as simple as that sewing class I talked of last fall or as complex as taking a class at the community college.  I’m taking my first sewing class on Tuesday! – I took those lessons, too bad I don’t remember a thing. 
  • Giving – I want to give more this year.  We’ve always given to charity, but this year I want to try to give a little more, maybe it’ll be my time or finding other interesting ways to help.  My main charity – The Humane Society. – I’m giving monthly.   I’ve thought about giving my time, but as J reminds me, I’d want to bring them all home with me.  I don’t know if my heart can take it. 
  • Me Time – Ok, that sounds really selfish but I want to find more time for things I love.   Crafting, getting a mani/pedi, going to the coffee shop, reading.  Just 30 minutes a week would be great.  I think it’ll help with the Getting Healthy goal. – I’ve found my balance and am loving life.  I would say that this one could be crossed off the list. 
  • Life Management – must become better about spending/saving and get back onto the house routines.   It’s been hard with the selling, not selling, working crazy hours and J working from home.  But I want to take back my house, and my life this year. – See above.  While my house still isn’t spotless, it’s clean enough for me.   – We’ve been busy working on the outside this summer, and I’ll be working on the inside this fall.   It’s not 5 acres in the country, but at least we can call it home.

Ok, so maybe the first half of 2010 haven’t been exactly what I expected but in some ways they were better than I could have ever hoped for.   I am starting a career that I love.  I’ve found the middle ground between going 110 and being totally exhausted.   I’ll keep working on the snail mail and the learning, but if there’s one thing I learned its that it’s OK to change course midway.  After all sometimes, you have to stop in order to get going again.

Did you set any goals in January?  How are you doing? 


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