Labor Day Get-a-Way

With everything that happened in August, we decided that we’d take a long weekend to head back to PA and just relax.  It seemed that Labor Day weekend was the perfect time.   We decided that we’d spend a little time with grandparents, friends, and at my parents camp in Erie, PA.

That’s my grandparent’s apple orchard.  As soon as we stepped out of the car, the smell returned me to my childhood.  Gathering apples, playing with my cousins in the backyard, eating Grandma’s apple cobbler.  I was overcome with the emotion, and that was the exact point of this trip, to reconnect and disconnect all at one time.

My grandparents, Homer & Lula.  As much as things change, these two and their home will always remain the same.  I found orange peanuts on the counter, Faygo pop in the fridge, and laughter at the kitchen table.  Ah, the kitchen table it’s where everyone gathers.  Always.

Our next day(s) would be spent along the river, hanging out with friends and sleeping on that boat.  Yes, SLEEPING ON A BOAT.  If you know anything about me, it’s that I don’t like to rough it.  My idea of roughing it is a cabin that only has local channels. 

Hanging out at the camp along the river, they cooked – ribs, homemade fries, pork, dips, jalapeno thingies, crock pot lasagna.  You name it, we had it there to eat and drink. 

We were going to miss the lighting of the large bonfire, it was to be held on Sunday night.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pallets.

We spent Sunday afternoon into Monday at my parents camp near Lake Erie.  It was awfully chilly for early September.  Mom and I caught up and chatted while Jason and my dad manned the grill.

We feasted on corn on the fire, kielbasa, hamburgers, homegrown tomatoes, honeydew, and more chips and dips.  A late night run to the local ice-cream stand was the perfect end to the meal. 

Yes, the weekend getaway was just what we needed to reconnect and disconnect with friends, family, and ourselves.


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