Fall Mantel: A Party at The Nesters

Whether you call it Fall or Autumn, it’s finally here.   My favorite time of year.  Ok, fine I say that for all 3 of the seasons (and only on snow days in Winter).  But really, who doesn’t love Fall?  In honor of Fall, I’m linking up to The Nester for her Fall Mantel Party.   I usually opt for a very simple fall mantel.  ‘

I am still using the altered paint can I made a couple of years back.  

 You might notice the candlesticks from Blessings Unlimited, I love them!   They’re perfect for holding the ceramic pumpkins.

The banana nut bread candle I found at Yankee Candle the other day is the perfect finishing touch.  I love the scents of fall, and nothing says fall more than baked goods in the oven.

There you have it, it’s not fancy or extreme but it’s all things fall to me.   Thank you for stopping by.


3 responses to “Fall Mantel: A Party at The Nesters

  1. I love all the colours in Fallseason and all candles are so wonderful, they aren’t so nice during spring and summer but fall and winter needs candles, a soft blanket some hot tea, a book or magazine and just enjoy the silence.

    The pics were gorgeous.

    Hugs Ann-Marie

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